Mission and Vision

Our Mission

The Joyce Ivy Foundation is a non-profit 501c3 organization committed to the academic advancement and leadership development of young women from the Midwest

Our Focus

We seek to amplify the Midwestern voice on college campuses nationwide and empower talented young women from all backgrounds to elevate their aspirations during the college search process and beyond

Our Issue

The underrepresentation of female Midwestern perspectives at highly selective colleges and universities and in positions of leadership across industries; the undermatching of high-achieving, low-income female students in the college decision process

Our Vision

To raise the college aspirations of the next generation of female leaders by:

  • Providing scholarships to participate in pre college summer programs
  • Empowering young women with college information at high-quality, free events across the Midwest and virtually
  • Leveraging financial aid resources at partner colleges and universities
  • Maximizing our network of college counseling and admission professionals
  • Connecting young women to a supportive community of mentors, advocates and friends
  • Igniting the potential and passion that exists in each young woman

Our Values

We believe that talent is equally distributed in our society and that the Midwestern perspective deserves to be celebrated and shared. We believe in the transformative power of educational experiences. We believe in the potential of young women as leaders.

The Story of Joyce

The Foundation is named for Joyce, a woman from Michigan who showed enormous potential but whose life was cut short by cancer. The Joyce Ivy Foundation supports the aspirations of other high potential young women so that they may fulfill their potential and shape their own paths to college and beyond.