Summer Scholars

The Summer Scholars program provides scholarships for talented female high school students to participate in a summer academic program at one of our partner programs – some of the most rigorous and selective colleges and universities in the country.

Scholars receive a full or partial scholarship, based on demonstrated financial need, to cover tuition, room and board, travel expenses, and supplies. The Joyce Ivy Foundation works directly with our set of program partners to combine Joyce Ivy scholarships with additional financial aid provided by the summer program. The application for summer 2024 is now closed. Please check back in the fall for information on summer 2025.



Summer Scholars may use their scholarship to participate in certain summer academic programs at our partner colleges and universities. Eligible courses are two-weeks or longer in length. In some cases students are eligible to receive college credit. In most cases, Scholars receive financial aid from the Joyce Ivy Foundation and a partner scholarship from the summer program.

  1. Apply to directly to the summer program for admission and financial aid, if applicable. Identify yourself as a Joyce Ivy applicant.
  2. Apply directly to the Joyce Ivy Foundation to be considered for the Summer Scholars Program.
  3. Pay attention to deadlines! Note that our summer program partners have different application deadlines.


Who are Joyce Ivy Summer Scholars?

Being honored as a Joyce Ivy Scholar and getting the chance to study at Brown was life-changing to say the least. All of a sudden, the uncertainty behind whether or not I was truly capable of accomplishing my seemingly unattainable goals were shattered, and my confidence grew exponentially. I was able to carry that mindset into the college application process and take risks with how high I dared to reach -- and that led me to getting accepted to my ultimate dream school, Harvard. I will forever be grateful for the belief the JIF community had in me, and for the people I was able to meet in the process. Amal Sayed
Summer@Brown '20
Amal Sayed
Dearborn Heights High School ‘21
Harvard University ‘25

Who are Joyce Ivy Summer Scholars?

I enjoy being a part of the Joyce Community because it has opened up so many opportunities that I would have never even thought about as a girl from Ohio. This program has inspired me to shoot high and take risks when it comes to thinking outside of the box. Before becoming a Joyce Ivy Scholar the college application process thought of attending an Ivy League college have always been extremely foreign to me, but now that obstacle seems a lot smaller. This program is absolutely life-changing and inspiring. Octavia Holland
JIF '21
Octavia Holland
Charles F Brush High School '23

Who are Joyce Ivy Summer Scholars?

My Joyce Ivy experience played a huge role in me even going to college. As a first-generation college student, it prepared me for what college would be like and affirmed my decision to go away to a four-year college. Alyssa Melendez
Smith Creative Writing Workshop '15
Alyssa Melendez
Homeschool '16
Miami University '20

Who are Joyce Ivy Summer Scholars?

Joyce Ivy made it possible for me to attend Summer@Brown, which is where I fell in love with Brown. After my JIF summer experience, I applied and was accepted to Brown, where I have spent the past four years. I am so grateful that Joyce Ivy helped me see that attending a school like Brown was really within my reach. Likewise, the financial aid sessions that I attended during the Joyce Ivy College Admissions Symposium as well as during Summer@Brown helped me and my parents understand financial aid packages. Those sessions made it possible for me to afford Brown. Jasmine Bacchus
Summer@Brown '16
Jasmine Bacchus
William Mason High School '17
Brown University '21

Who are Joyce Ivy Summer Scholars?

As a first generation college student and a woman going into a STEM field, I lacked the confidence to assert myself and reach for really difficult goals until I went to Barnard in 2017. I was introduced to this bustling new environment and surrounded by like minded women who uplifted and supported me. I still keep in regular contact with two of those women! The classes I took encouraged me to change my small town perspective on the world and think critically about race. After attending Barnard in the summer of 2017, I was empowered to seek out colleges and experiences outside of Ohio, further enriching my academic life and my social consciousness. Barnard helped me find my voice as a first-gen and advocate for my needs throughout my college experience. Ashley Mathews
Barnard Summer in the City '17
Ashley Mathews
Batavia High School '18
Rollins College '22

Who are Joyce Ivy Summer Scholars?

Joyce Ivy helped me learn how to effectively communicate with well-respected professors, make friends quickly, and explore unfamiliar places. Hannah Baynesan
Summer@Brown '17
Hannah Baynesan
Belleville High School '18
Princeton University '22

Who are Joyce Ivy Summer Scholars?

As a student who goes to a public high school, I always dreamed of what it would be like to go to a private and prestigious university. Having the opportunity to get a snippet of what that life would look like in high school without any financial barriers has allowed me to believe that I am capable of going to institutions where there aren't many people who look like me. I now not only have a more well-rounded perspective of what college is, but also how transformational it can be when walking on to an Ivy League campus. During my summer program, I never once felt comfortable, in a good way. I was always gaining new ideas that allowed me to stretch my way of thinking. I also know that this was not just a one-time summer program, but a lifelong learning experience. The best part of all is that I am able to make this journey even better and more accessible for the next generation of female leaders through the Joyce Ivy Foundation. Elizabeth Alene
Summer@Brown '22
Elizabeth Alene
Highland Park Senior High School '24

The Details


  • Exposure to a diverse array of peers
  • Exposure to a broader range of college options
  • Development of leadership skills
  • Academic and intellectual growth
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Scholars describe the experience as transformative


Eligible applicants are female identifying high school students living in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota or South Dakota, who also attend high school in one of these seven states.

Applicants are academically high-achieving students who will be entering 11th or 12th grade in Fall 2024. Occasionally, an exceptional rising 10th grader is selected as a Summer Scholar.

Past Summer Scholars, who used their scholarships, are not eligible to apply again for another scholarship.


Dates & Deadlines

December 3, 2023 2024 application available online
March 1, 2024 Application deadline
By April 1, 2024 Decisions released via email
April 19, 2024 Scholarship reply deadline

Summer Scholar Application Components

  • Three Short Answer Essays (250 words)
  • One Long Essay (650 words)
  • Parent/Guardian Tax Forms (Form 1040) for the prior 2 years
  • Official Copies of PSAT, SAT, or ACT scores, if applicable
  • Copies (screenshots) of financial aid applications submitted to partner summer programs
  • One Letter of Recommendation from a teacher or counselor
  • Official High School Transcript

Summer Scholars applicants must also apply directly to our summer program partners for admission financial aid. Please check our partners’ sites for deadlines.

2023 Summer Scholars At A Glance

86 Scholars from 65 different secondary schools

rank in the top 15% of their high school class
have a 4.0 GPA or higher
will be first generation in their family to attend college
identify as women of color


Should you not find the answer to your question below, please reach out to for more information.

Applicants must be female identifying high school students in Michigan, Ohio, Nebraska, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota or South Dakota. Applicants may be US or non-US citizens so long as they reside and attend high school in the states listed. Summer Scholars are academically high-achieving students who will be entering 11th or 12th grade in Fall 2023. Occasionally, an exceptional rising 10th grader is selected as a Summer Scholar. Past Summer Scholars, who used their scholarships, are not eligible to apply again for another scholarship.

The Joyce Ivy Foundation is committed to the academic advancement and leadership development of young women from the Midwest. In recognition of our changing world and evolving understanding of gender identity, the Joyce Ivy Foundation will consider for the Summer Scholars program any applicant who identifies as female and feels they would benefit from joining a community of empowered women, regardless of the gender assigned to them at birth. Students assigned female at birth who now identify as male are not eligible to apply. Our gender policy does not affect the network and support offered to our growing alumnae base – once a member of the Joyce Ivy community, always a member of the Joyce Ivy community, regardless of gender identity.

No, except in extenuating circumstances – such as illness or injury – students will be named a Summer Scholar only once.

If you previously applied, but were not selected as a Scholar, you are welcome to apply again. Make sure you still meet the eligibility requirements and list your prior application on your current Joyce Ivy application.

Joyce Ivy partners with a specific set of colleges and summer programs. The quality of the experience, inside and outside of the classroom, is important, and these partners also have a commitment to enrolling a diverse student body, including students from the Midwest, and making scholarships available. Review our set of summer program partners. You might pick a program based on a class that is offered, or because you are interested in that college or university, or because you are curious about what it is like to study in that part of the country. After you pick your summer program and course(s), you should simultaneously work on the applications for the specific summer program(s), including financial aid (if applicable), and the Joyce Ivy application. You do not need to wait to receive an acceptance notification from the university in order to apply to the Joyce Ivy Foundation. Make sure you are aware of all deadlines – the summer program deadlines are often different from the Joyce Ivy Foundation deadlines.

Pending changes in the course of the COVID-19 global pandemic, the Joyce Ivy Foundation will only support on-campus, residential summer programs for summer 2023. Please review our list of eligible programs carefully. Extenuating circumstances that require a student to participate in a virtual program only may be considered.

Supported programs are at least two weeks in length. We are not able to divide a scholarship between different programs.

No, the Joyce Ivy Foundation has special partnerships in place with the colleges and universities on our list. These institutions offer academically rigorous summer programs and have a demonstrated commitment to making their programs accessible to students from different backgrounds, geographic regions, and income levels. Through our special partnerships, we work closely with these programs to build scholarship packages.

All components of your Joyce Ivy application should be submitted online. Our application portal will allow you to upload your transcript, test scores, tax information, financial aid applications, and make a request to a teacher or guidance counselor to upload a letter(s) of recommendation. If you are unable to upload a document, you may submit it via email to or via fax at 734.661.0229. If you are unable to submit materials via one of these methods, please contact us.

Yes, applicants to the Joyce Ivy Foundation must also apply to the summer program institution for financial aid. The summer programs need these applications to calculate your partner scholarship. Many programs have limited funds that they award on a rolling basis, so be aware of deadlines and apply early. We also recommend that students apply to at least two summer programs to increase your financial aid and admission options. Students applying to Brown do not need to apply for financial aid directly with Brown and will automatically be considered for a partnership scholarship if you identify yourself as a Joyce Ivy applicant.

In some cases, yes. We recommend you reach out directly to to inquire about fee waivers. Depending on the summer program partner, the Joyce Ivy Foundation may cover the application fee for selected Joyce Ivy Scholars who demonstrate financial need.

If you have two living parents who are divorced, please submit tax returns from both parents. If securing tax returns from one parent will be an issue, please contact

Students should complete all components of the application. While we encourage parents and guardians to assist in the process, the student should complete the application.

The Joyce Ivy Foundation requires one letter of recommendation. You may submit a letter of recommendation that was written for a summer program application.

While getting your application in well before the deadline does not have an effect on the final decision made by the Joyce Ivy Foundation, submitting it early does allow for it to be checked and for us to notify you of any missing components. Applying early to the summer programs for admission and financial aid is also helpful because it allows Joyce Ivy and the summer program to track you as a Joyce Ivy applicant. Summer programs also usually award financial aid on a rolling basis, so there is more aid available the earlier you apply.

No. You should only submit one application to the Joyce Ivy Foundation. Please indicate on your application which summer programs you have applied to – and don’t forget to identify yourself as a Joyce Ivy applicant on your summer program applications!

The summer program offices at each institution have authority over admissions decisions. Being named a Joyce Ivy Scholar does not guarantee admission. Many of our partners do grant special status to Joyce Ivy applicants; however, their admissions, financial aid, and course selection process is competitive. It is important to apply by the summer program deadlines or earlier, if possible.

Completed applications (including all supplementary materials) are due on March 1, 2023. You are welcome to submit anytime between December 4 and March 1. The Joyce Ivy Foundation will send decision notifications via email by early April and the deadline for accepting the scholarship is mid April.

The majority of our scholarship money goes to supporting families with the greatest financial need. We have two need-based funding levels: up to $6,600 (typically family income under $85,000) and up to $3,300 (typically family income between $85,000-$160,000). We also grant a very small number of $1,000 awards for students with family income above $160,000. Joyce Ivy scholarships may be used in addition to any scholarships/financial aid awarded directly by our summer program partners.

The Joyce Ivy Foundation scholarship is competitive. In our decision process, we consider a student’s academic record, intellectual qualities, extracurricular involvements and leadership in her school and community. We also take into account family circumstances and we consider how transformational the opportunity might be for the student (for example, if this will be the first opportunity to travel away from home). Typically, one in every three or four applicants is awarded with a Joyce Ivy scholarship.

You are more likely to receive a Joyce Ivy Summer Scholarship as a 10th or 11th grader. While we sometimes select an exceptional 9th grader as a Summer Scholar, please know that you will be competing against some of the top 10th and 11th graders in your state.

The Joyce Ivy Foundation looks at the cost of each summer program as well as an estimate of airfare and sundry expenses Scholars will have when attending. We also work closely with our partner schools on what financial aid the schools are able to offer. In addition, we factor in what families believe they are able to contribute and their financial situation. If you have special financial circumstances, please let us know. In many cases, the Joyce Ivy Foundation is able to put together a package that fully funds the Scholar for the summer. Moreover, it is our hope that even in cases where we can offer only partial funding, no Scholar will be prevented from attending a program based on financial constraints, although this is not always the case. Most often, our scholarships range from $1,000 to $6,600. Financial aid from the summer programs can be up to one half the cost of the program or more.

Our partner institutions are presently planning for on-campus programs this summer, with some virtual options also being available. Plans may continue to change; therefore, we recommend monitoring the individual institutions’ websites for the most up-to-date guidance on their plans.